yard sign rage

Well, it’s official. I’m probably capable of doing bodily harm to another human being. I found a few I wanted to harm yesterday. A couple of college aged guys, dressed for “breakfast club,” and apparently drunk, came walking through my yard and tore up my Obama signs. Something just snapped in me when I looked out the window and saw this. I went running outside screaming at them. They had gotten about a block down the road, and just turned around and laughed as I yelled,”Get back here right now!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” And then the insult that I’m sure must be keeping them up at night–“YOU ARE SO RUDE…..AND INCIVIL!!!!” Why couldn’t I have thought of a better insult than that? Wouldn’t this have been an appropriate time to use the F word? I started running after them and then decided to call the police instead (I’m actually not sure it’s a a good idea to chase 4 drunk guys.) The police asked me to describe them and I said something like, “They looked like stupid drunk white guys.” He must have rolled his eyes. But I felt a little better.

And as long as I am ranting, I am SO irritated at Sarah Palin and her latest ridiculous accusations. If she gets elected I think I may very well have to leave the country–so I’ll get a few more Obama signs and hope that America wises up.


7 responses to “yard sign rage

  1. I’m so glad you called the Police! I just found out that it’s a Federal offense to remove or desecrate someone’s political signs. Maybe you could post them in your windows? We just got our sign yesterday, and a whole bunch of the neighbors did too, so our street is kind of a happy sight.

  2. Barbara: I think part of the problem is your tendency to avoid profanity—that might have been more effective against some drunk white-hats.

    That being said: Gobama!

  3. Way to go! I would have been so angry as well. Just goes to show that IN is a new battleground state, and your yard is on the front lines! I would love to see Indiana vote for Obama this year.

    The latest Palinism I heard was that she misquoted Madeline Albright at a campaign event, saying “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” She got this quote off of the Starbucks cup she was drinking from earlier that day. There are so many things wrong with that…

  4. Hi Chris! yes, I’m going to practice saying bad words–it doesn’t come easily, but then if one doesn’t practice, one can’t be prepared! Hey, I met Adrian at a Scrabble tourney and he says he knows you!
    Rachel, I just don’t even know what to say about that Palin quote–the woman is so off the charts! But I guess I will go to that special place in hell, because I’ll never support her. But I think there’s a special place in hell for people who shoot living things out of helicopters! I’m thinking that maybe Indiana will be an Obama state this time–I would love that!
    Sarah, I would so much love to see those guys go to the federal big house! I should have kept chasing them!

  5. Thanks for sharing this story at lunch today. Out of rage, a story grew and we all had a good laugh.
    See? Something good came out of it 🙂

  6. I had to tell you that I just passed a homemade Obama sign in our neighbourhood that said “You can steal our sign, but we will not be moved”

  7. Great sign!

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