You would think that at age 56 I would have had enough experience that confrontations would not bother me. But sometimes they do. Two of my cabinets are the wrong size, and it’s going to cost about $120 extra to fix them (basically, the contractor needs to make a bigger opening so that the doors will fit). Since I didn’t measure them, order them, or manufacture them, I figure that there is no way this is my fault and I don’t want to pay said extra money.
I told the contractor this, and he said I would have to work it out with the store where I bought all the stuff. Dawn did the measuring, did the ordering, and she is the one I have been interacting with. I figure there are only two possibilities. 1. She measured wrong or 2. The cabinet place manufactured them wrong. This whole project has been expensive, and the reason I had someone help me design the kitchen was so that I don’t have to worry about stuff like this.
When I called her to tell her the problem she told me she’d have to talk with her manager–and that’s when I got unhappy. It all has a happy ending in that I got what I wanted, but I had to fight for it, and it made me tired.
When on when will this project be over? I’m whining quite a bit lately.


2 responses to “Confrontations

  1. I’m glad you stood up for yourself, though, even if it was draining. That’s something I’ve always admired (and tried to emulate) in the Hart women.

  2. You’re kitchen will be done before you know it~

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