Live and learn

I’m getting new cabinets in my kitchen, so there are a few things I need to get rid of as I clean out the kitchen. I decided to give away my microwave and toaster to make some room for new ones (that will match better in the kitchen). They were in working condition, so I decided to put them in the ally, since usually things will get taken away in an hour or so–presumably by people who want them (and maybe even need them). I put the microwave and toaster out there, and a few hours later I went to get in the car, thinking they would be gone. Instead, they were still there, but the electrical cords had been cut completely off. It was so sad! They had been perfectly good, and now they were worthless. I couldn’t figure out why someone would do that–just to be mean and destructive? But then I did a little internet sleuthing and found the following from Karen in Toronto:

“Last week someone left a nice big TV our building’s garbage area with note on it saying it works great, just needs a remote. I carried it home, only to find that the power cord had been cut off. The TV had been there less than an hour. In the past year I have seen many electrical devices with the cord cut off. I always assumed that meant they didn’t work.

I’ve since been told by two people that the cords are cut off to sell the copper. I found on the internet that the price of copper has gone up a lot in the past year.

So if you’ve seen cords cut off appliances lately, that explains it. You might want to advertise any old appliances that you think someone could use rather than leaving them around where their cords are likely to be cut off. And if the appliance is really dead, you might want to cut the cord off to reclaim the copper.”

OK, now it’s me again. So I have learned my lesson. I’ll put my things in the car and take them to Goodwill.


One response to “Live and learn

  1. Wow, strange! I would definitely use craigslist next time.

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