A riddle wrapped up in a puzzle and served with a conundrum

Ok, I still do not have a definitive answer about the scat I found in my back yard. I went to an expert, my friend Scott, who hunts deer with bow and arrow. His analysis (he’s holding the plastic bag in the photo) is that it is definitely not rabbit, could be deer, but is a very small pile to be a deer. He postulated raccoon, but I am not so sure. Please note his expert status. He didn’t even know I was coming over, and he is wearing a deer shirt and standing in front of deer he has killed–please note the arrows in their necks. On his truck there is a bumper sticker with a picture of a deer and it says, “Eat more fast food.” Anyway, I cannot give a prize until I check with a few more experts. The plastic bag with the poop is in my car. I’m going to a high priests quorum party tonight, so surely there’s someone who can identify it–and won’t it increase my popularity to bring something so interesting!?

By the way, Paul is making the chili for the aforementioned party, and I am really afraid he will be disappointed at its reception, because it’s with black beans, fresh cheese, and choriso. The term “pearls before swine” comes to mind.

Today is our 34th anniversary–the 32 happiest years of my life!


3 responses to “A riddle wrapped up in a puzzle and served with a conundrum

  1. What happened to the other 2 years?

    I took curried lentil dip and homemade pita chips to a Relief Society retreat once, and it was the same thing. People didn’t even touch it. And it was good! At least you’ll have something there that you can eat, and good leftovers for the next couple of days.

  2. Aha–a careful reader! The other two need to be forgotten!

    Paul leaves for Brazil for a week starting tomorrow, and the chili has meat in it, so I think we’ll send the leftovers home with other people–also, my kitchen is going to be torn up for 6-8 weeks while they put new cabinets in, so I’m not planning on eating at home. That will be HARD.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

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