In praise of drive-in movies

If the Lakeview Drive-in in Monticello is correct in its snack bar advertisements, there are only 400 drive-ins left in the U.S. Where I grew up, in Provo, Utah, there were two in the valley–and they are both gone now, victims of urban sprawl. So I feel pretty happy that this summer I’ve enjoyed going to two different venues–first in Mt. Pleasant, UT where I saw “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (it was much better than I expected–it made me laugh several times) and in Monticello, IN where this past Saturday I saw “Tropic Thunder,” which I enjoyed wholeheartedly even though I probably shouldn’t because it had SEVERAL very unpolitically correct jokes that I laughed heartily, though guiltily, at (Mrs. DeHart–my English teacher in H.S.–please forgive that very bad sentence construction and ending that bad sentence with a preposition!)

Drive-in movies are great for many reasons:
1. You can bring in tons of your own food that would be hard to get into a regular theater, i.e. edamame, cans of diet Vernor’s, sesame sticks, etc.
2. You can talk during the movie and nobody cares because nobody is close enough to hear.
3. You can make vulgar noises and only the person you’re with can complain.
4. Nobody will kick the back of your seat (unless you go with your kids).
5. Nobody will be constantly text messaging next to you.
6. You can see a double feature–if I’d had enough energy, I could have stayed on Saturday to see “Step Brothers.”

I rest my case.


2 responses to “In praise of drive-in movies

  1. I haven’t been to a drive through since I was a wee lass. I don’t even remember what we saw, but the memory is also laced with onion rings. Maybe I should see if there’s one around here, and take my kids before they’re extinct.

    Did you like that sentence?

  2. Yes, I loved that sentence, you should definitely go! And take some onion rings!

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