What IS this?

OK, I will award a prize to the person who can correctly identify this–this–whatever it is! I found it next to the little shed behind our house. There were several little piles in a row. The individual units looked like black beans or blueberries and were about that same size. I think it could be some type of feces–but what kind????? Or is it something else??? It will be a good prize I promise. What IS this????

On the other side of the spectrum, I saw this beautiful butterfly on one of my zinnias. Kind of made up for the other thing.


11 responses to “What IS this?

  1. Or it could be the leavings from a white tailed deer.

    Or maybe a local cat found some black beans, and they went right through?

    Or maybe a crazy fungus? There are some weird fungi that live on mulch. One is called “dog-vomit fungus” but it’s yellow and frothy, not black and pellety.

  2. This is helpful. I think it does look like photos of white tailed deer scat–but how could one be in the city? I’ve never seen any deer here. I like the black bean theory!

  3. I just went to this page and I conclude that it must be white-tailed deer.

    Or an elk.

  4. I am really excited to think that an elk was in my backyard! Although that’s way better than finding human excrement in one’s yard by one’s window–that would be pretty spooky.

  5. We have deer in our city, surely there must be some in yours. I’ve seen them 3/4 mile from our house. They live in the Metroparks, and I’m sure in the outskirts.

    Do I win since I said it first?

  6. I think it is a tie between Rachel and Sarah, so you’ll both get the amazing prize, coming soon to a mailbox near you!

  7. I’m just glad it isn’t grizzly bear or cougar poop.

  8. Yeah, I think grizzly bear poop would be worse that people poop.

  9. I’m sticking to my guess that it’s a lagomorph, as per our phone conversation.

  10. How do I decide whether it’s lagomorph scat or white-tailed deer scat? I believe I shall have to put it into a plastic bag, bring it to work, and take it to the biology department. They should love that!

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