Barbara’s so long at the fair (and no bonny blue ribbon)

Friday I spent the day at the Indiana State Fair–a pretty interesting place to be, what with the world’s biggest boar, llamas, Honey Princesses (girls with crowns who were beekeepers), 4-H projects, fried Twinkies, and other interesting sights.
I had to work in the morning (touting the benefits of a liberal arts education at my beloved instiitution), but then after that I wandered the fairgrounds soaking in the ambience. Things I noticed:
1. There were a LOT of adults driving little rentable carts. It made me wonder–is there a correlation between going to the fair and eating all that fried food and the inability to walk in later life?
2. There are many cool things to be interested in–basket weaving, cake decorating, scrapbooking, and more. Paul wants to enter some food next year. We have to figure out how to enter.
3. There is NOTHING healthy to eat at the fair–let’s see, there are corndogs, turkey drumsticks (ok, that’s probably not too bad, along with corn on the cob), milkshakes, aforementioned deep fried Twinkies, funnel cakes, elephant ears (what do they do with the rest of the elephant?), and so on. I opted for the deep fried vegetables, deluding myself into thinking that was healthy!
I took the following picture of the world’s biggest boar (not to be confused with the world’s biggest bore, who teaches my Sunday School class:

This adorable little piglet was in a nearby pen with the world’s largest sow:

My friend Arwin does “roach racing” and here he is with one of his roaches at Roachill Downs.

I did about the single stupidest thing a human female can do, however. I wore new shoes. A bad idea on so many levels. Think sawdust, llama spit, pigs, and so on. And then think comfort level–they weren’t tried and true as comfortable shoes, and indeed, they gave me a blister. Then I had to go to the first aid station to ask for a bandaid. And they made me leave my name–so that I couldn’t steal bandaids at all the stations without sever repurcussions?
Anayway, I am pretty sure why Johnny was so long at the fair–sore feet.


2 responses to “Barbara’s so long at the fair (and no bonny blue ribbon)

  1. I’m not sure I approve of roach racing. Surely that’s an animal rights violation?

    The fair sounds like so much fun. Derek just flew to Hawaii yesterday, so we may have to skip the local fair this year.

  2. Derek’s in Hawaii? Fun (for him, anyway, maybe not for you!)
    Yes, I have some ambivalence about roach racing and cricket spitting–but it’s just a little harder to feel warm and fuzzy about roaches as opposed to say, kitties and bunnies.

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