I saw some pretty cool animals on my trip to southern Utah, so I made myself a little list:
1 red fox (the first I’ve seen in the wild)
3 antelope
1 jackelope–well, ok, it turned out to be a jackrabbit, but it was running toward me in the tent and it looked fierce!
1 hummingbird
3 sagebrush swifts
2 horned toads (one big, one little)
1 chipmunk
2 squirrels
a whole crowd of vultures that were waiting for me to die so that they could eat my eyes out.
Not bad, eh?


2 responses to “Faunalog

  1. I’m surprised you only saw one chipmunk and two squirrels. I guess I had forgotten how Utah isn’t really infested like the Midwest is. I watched a squirrel eating my corn this morning, and went out to find that he’d eaten about 6 ears and felled a few of the stalks.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red fox.

  2. Yeah, squirrels are pests here! We had one living in our attic!

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