A Gift

Something happened when I was in Utah that was a beautiful gift for me. I often think that I am not a very spiritual person–that I’m just not getting what other people get. So many people have experiences with people who have died. After my mom died I couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t want to try to communicate with me–and I have waited and waited.
Anyway, on Sunday morning in Utah, I was sitting on the back porch eating a bowl of peaches and it was all quiet and lovely. Suddenly two jays appeared. I have to backtrack a bit and explain that my dad had trained 3 jays to come to the deck for peanuts. One would take the peanut right out of his hand (The Grabber), one would take it if his hand was on the railing (Gregory Peck), and one would only take it from the railing (Mary Pickford). Here is a photo of my dad feeding The Grabber.

So I was sitting there feeling a little mournful after staying in the house all by myself (empty, with no furniture). When I’d gone in May, I saw no signs of the birds and assumed they had just gone away. But then, as I was sitting, two jays appeared on the deck. I went inside and got the peanuts (one of the few things left in the kitchen), and put 4 on the railing and held one out. I was shocked when The Grabber took it out of my hand–and 5 more! He ignored the easier food just sitting on the railing. I wept with gratitude at something I will always consider a tender mercy, just for me.


2 responses to “A Gift

  1. Oh Barbara. How many ways does this resonate with me.

  2. Amazing!

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