How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I just got back into town (and unfortunately back to work–HARD to go in after such a nice break). I ended up 10th of 96 people in my division for the Scrabble tourney. I won $20 for having a high loss. Since I only spent about $1,000 to go, it came out about even.
I got back from Orlando and went straight to Utah to see one of my best friends get married. Here she is:

She’s the one on the left–the one on the right is her daughter, not who she married. This was in Utah, not California. Carol’s husband died almost 7 years ago, and her new husband lost his wife in November. They make a really nice couple and I’ve known them both for more than 20 years. It is strange to see them with different people, but they are going to have an exciting adventure living in Afghanistan where Doyle will teach chemistry and she will teach English.
The first night I was in Utah I slept in a tent (kindly provided by my brother, Paul). It was 10:30 at night before we set up the tent and then he and I made s’mores late at night–he is very good at it marshmallow roasting, wihch takes patience. I tend to set them on fire. That night I realized that I had never actually seen the Milky Way. I think there was always too much light or my glasses prescription wasn’t right. Here’s a picture of our tent in Widtsoe:

The next day I found out I am totally out of shape. We took a 5.7 mile hike in Bryce Canyon and I could barely finish. Part of it was that I went from sea level to 7,000 feet, but part of it is that I’ve just been a fat slug. Anyway, it took me hours and hours, but I did get to see some cool stuff. Here is Paul:

One of the things my brother wanted to do was set up his portable shower and use his solar heating system to heat water for the shower. The bag holds 5 gallons of water and the system works pretty well if you are 4 feet tall or don’t want to wash anything higher than your waist. It was great fun, though, as this photo of Paul through the shower window attests:

Doesn’t it look like he’s having fun? Don’t you understand why it’s hard to return to my actual life?


7 responses to “How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  1. Yes, I see. And I’m having this problem with jealousy rising in my gullet. That photo of Dad just cracks me up. The one on the bottom.

    I didn’t realize Carol is moving to Afghanistan! What an adventure. What a scary, intimidating adventure.

  2. I think you introduced me to Carol when she was in town a while ago. Or am I mistaken?
    What a great time with your brother. What a funny picture at the end.

  3. Having been humbled by you at Scrabble a time or two, I can only imagine what the 85 other people felt 😉

    BTW, Adrian Mannella says “Hi!”

  4. Hey Chris–Hi back to Adrian!

  5. Hannah,

    I think you did meet Carol–you would like her. Hey, when are we going to have lunch?

  6. Sarah,

    your dad is totally the most awesome, fit, hiker in the world (especially of 59-yr olds). He makes me feel like Grandma Moses with the flu. He is also hilarious.

  7. We are going to have lunch as soon as possible. Depending on what time we go, I think I can do it any day next week (except Wednesday).

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