Call me B-Dix

This morning I was listening to the news, and there was something about J-Lo followed by a news item about A-Rod (apparently he is linked to Madonna). Anyway, it made me wonder how famous you have to be to have a nickname like J-Lo, A-Rod, or Brangelina. So I hereby declare that in referring to me in the third person, I shall be called B-Dix. Not “Mom” (so uncool), not “Aunt Barbara” (sounds about 102), not “Sister Dixon,” not even “Sweetheart.” just B-Dix–got it? B-Dix.


5 responses to “Call me B-Dix

  1. Not much, my Chris-man!

  2. And I shall be….
    The Sassernator?
    Urm, no. It’s not quite working.

  3. I think it needs to be a combination of Hannah and Todd–Do you prefer Tannah or Hodd?

  4. Funny, I used to have a blog called Hodd and Tannah because that’s what my dad used to (inadvertantly) call us.

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