Monthly Archives: July 2008

Orlando here I come

Tomorrow I leave for the four-day national Scrabble Championship in Orlando. You can click here to see all the exciting action:


Call me B-Dix

This morning I was listening to the news, and there was something about J-Lo followed by a news item about A-Rod (apparently he is linked to Madonna). Anyway, it made me wonder how famous you have to be to have a nickname like J-Lo, A-Rod, or Brangelina. So I hereby declare that in referring to me in the third person, I shall be called B-Dix. Not “Mom” (so uncool), not “Aunt Barbara” (sounds about 102), not “Sister Dixon,” not even “Sweetheart.” just B-Dix–got it? B-Dix.

On being alone

I have spent 28 of the last 30 days by myself and have had a lot of time to think about whether or not I like it. It has made me realize that I have a tendency to be a little bit anti-social. Yesterday, for example, Paul was supposed to be home, but his dad got pneumonia and they have been stuck in Pennsylvania for 4 extra days. I had at least 4 offers to go to people’s houses for barbecues, followed by fireworks on the hill, and I didn’t want to do any of them. I opted to stay home. What would happen if I were permanently single? Would I lose my friends one by one because I would never want to do anything with them and they would eventually just give up on me? Would I get a cat? Who would I sit by at church (would I go to church?) Would my eating habits get weirder and weirder? Right now I’m eating vegetarian corn dogs at least once a day. I ate hummus and pita bread every day for 10 days. Would I stay up later and later? When Paul is here I go to bed about 11:15 every night. Right now I’m heading to bed about 2 am. Would I become more of a Scrabble nerd? I am spending time every day at the moment studying my stems–in other words, I’m memorizing all of the most common bingo words for stems like SATIRE–a little memory device (BAD SPEECH REVIEW: FLAMING WIT) lets me know that every letter in that little sentence when combined with the letters in satire will make a 7-letter bingo–giving me a 50 point bonus in a Scrabble game. For instance, B is baiters and rebaits; F is fairest; A is aristae. Do I need to get a life or what?
Anyhow, I like being alone a little too much. I am definitely a more normal person when Paul is here. He once said he is my donkey in my stable. He had read that they put donkeys in with thoroughbreds to calm them down. I need my friendly donkey back again (I mean that better than it sounds).