Scrabble Blues

Well, it’s official. I need to study the word lists. I went to Detroit over the weekend for a Scrabble tournament. I played 14 games (ah, heavenly!) but only won 7. My rating will go down by 30 points or so. I had quite a few good bingos–WAYFARES, ETESIAN, REEKING, and more. My high game was 490, and my low, low, low game was 268–that was a tromping!
One of the interesting parts of the weekend was going to a bar that had karaoke and watching the scrabble folks make parodies of songs and giving them Scrabble words. It was fascinating, and maybe a tad bit uncomfortable for me. First, I have not spent very much time in bars, and second, the parodies were, for the most part, really bad–with bad singing to match. Still, I was proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone a little bit and going–since I went by myself to the tournament and didn’t know a lot of people there.
There was a guy there who was not part of our group who was participating in karaoke and he was REALLY good. I heard him sing about three songs, and I do declare, his rendition of “Young Girl” (Gary Pucket and the Union Gap) was smokin’. Speaking of smoking–people were smoking in the bar (not used to being around it any more) and I ordered saganaki and it was smokin’ as well. I thought the whole place might go up in smoke! A good time, and I’m going to start a study routine.

Addendum: to anyone who I called when I was worrying about my brother, Paul (Including my brother, Paul)–sorry! I have a very vivid imagination, and in said imagination poor Paul was under a rock trying to gnaw off his own arm trying to get to safety and wondering why no one was looking for him. As certain kids tried to tell me years ago, I need to take a chill pill sometimes!


4 responses to “Scrabble Blues

  1. Were you, by chance, beaten by a 15 year old Korean girl? Not to perpetuate any misconceptions or stereotypes or anything…

    I’m glad you were worrying about Dad. I was also really glad to find out he was fine. I’m pretty sure if he ever got stuck under a boulder, he would actually chew off his own arm. And then show us all the photos and scars.

  2. No teenage Korean girls to be found in said tournament–or was that just an example? What really bugs me are gender differences in scrabble ratings. All the really really good players (top 20) are male–and a bit obsessive compulsive–or a lot obsessive compulsive. I know one guy who studies word lists obsessively, doesn’t work, and still loves with his mother–he’s in his 50’s. Greg and Mike, if you ever want to come live with me for a short period of time, you can (but Greg has to bring Rachel!)

  3. We’re starting to get tired of trying to take care of ourselves. *packs bags*
    Really though, we’ll look forward to seeing you this August! I know I’m going to have some quality time with Big Brown.

  4. I’m in big brown as I type this–Aaah Big Brown. You’re going to have to draw lots for a chance to share this great chair.

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