Giant Shower Caps

This interesting photo was taken a couple of days ago when we were unloading the previously mentioned two tons of stuff from my dad’s house. One of the things I brought was a round oak table that is in perfect shape, in part because the round table top was protected from damage by round plastic tablecloths with elastic around the edges. Well, as we were unpacking, said tablecloths were found by Mike, and he said, “What the heck are these? Giant shower caps?” This necessitated the three goofballs (otherwise known as Liz, Mike, and Patty) to wrap towels around themselves and put the tablecloths over their heads. At least the neighbors already know we’re crazy.

In the background you can see the cool ABF relocube that our stuff came in–kudos to ABF–they were wonderful! All I have to do now is drive Sarah’s stuff to Dayton and all will have been distributed. Liz and I will do that on Saturday.


4 responses to “Giant Shower Caps

  1. Classic. Bravo, Clan Dixon, bravo.

  2. I love it! It’s even better than you described it.

  3. You laugh, but we’re spanking clean (and our coiffures have been preserved from the damp!).

  4. Thanks, Chris! Good to hear from you (and you too, Hannah and Patty!)

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