Daily Archives: May 30, 2008


I love Fridays. It’s the end of a week–and I work hard (usually) and really look forward to things I want to do over the weekend. The other thing I really like about Friday is that we almost always go out to eat. My very favorite thing to get is the vegetable plate at the Akropolis: broccoil, cauliflower, lima beans, carrots, and potatoes all boiled and then covered with oil and lemon. Yum. Served with pita bread. Double yum.
I once was eating lunch with someone where I had gotten broccoli, lima beans, and brussels sprouts and she said that she didn’t know anyone ever ate any of those things unless they had to. What?!
So this weekend I am going to:
Finish reading Atonement–it is so very very good that I will be happy and sad at the same time when I finish.
Mow the lawn if it doesn’t rain.
Go grocery shopping.
Clean out a room to house all of the new boxes of stuff that will arrive on Monday.
Figure out a way to get the family of squirrels to abandon the home they have found in our attic (Paul said to me this morning: “That squirrel is mocking me.” I had no idea what he was talking about, but there was somebody on TV at that moment who had a goatee, so I thought he was saying that the dude’s beard was somehow mocking him. I don’t know if that’s any stranger than that he thinks a real squirrel has it out for him). Greg had a friend in high school with a goatee who used to say, “You can’t get the girl if you ain’t got the squirrel.”
Take a very long bath and try to get my back to stop hurting.