Daily Archives: May 9, 2008

The Pressure Is On

I am invited to a dinner party tonight at the home of a colleague. Normally, this would be something I would be looking forward to–and to a certain extent, I am. The problem is, that Dawn, the host, e-mailed me with these words, which I shall cut and paste here:
“I am so looking forward to talking and laughing with you and you are a VERY important part of the after dinner entertainment, so I want you to be in good spirits.”
This is making me feel a little uncomfortable–like I HAVE to be in a good mood because she is depending on me to entertain people. It actually has the opposite effect on me (since we all know I am contrary)–it puts me in a bad mood and makes me not want to talk at all.
When I was a young teenager I remember my brother Richard talking about a girl in our ward who was really beautiful, and in fact, a beauty queen. He said, “Just looking at her makes me frown so that I can counteract her big fake smile.” That’s how I’m feeling.