Lafayette, IN–the epicenter of the political world

Wow. I never would have thought that TWO presidential contenders would find their way to my very own little corner of the world. Last month we had former president Bill Clinton stumping for his wife at one high school, and then a week later Obama spoke at another local high school. Today Hillary Clinton will be talking at the train station at 5:30 pm (just 3 blocks from my house), Caroline Kennedy will be campaigning for Obama today at the local library at 2:30 (just 4 blocks from home), and then tomorrow Madeline Albright will be at Purdue stumping for Clinton. It’s enough to make my head spin!
And then there are the ads on TV. On our little local station (WLFI) Obama bought 1300 spots this month and Clinton bought 500. For someone who cannot ever remember seeing presidential ads on TV, this has just been amazing.
So think about it, in past years, by this time, both parties had their candidates, so why campaign in Indiana? And then when the time comes for the election, why spend time and money in Indiana, which is so very republican? Why spend energy here?
I’ve already voted (for Obama, of course) and I am really hoping he can win here, although the pollsters say it’s neck and neck. I’ve got my Obama button, I’ve volunteered at his headquarters, and now I’m telling everyone who asks (and some who don’t) who I voted for and why. I read Lessons From My Father and all I could think was, “Is it really possible that someone this smart, this thoughtful, and this moral could be the president?” I am really hoping it is not only possible, but that it will happen.


4 responses to “Lafayette, IN–the epicenter of the political world

  1. There’s hope, yet!

    Clinton won Ohio, but Obama won our city, and Clinton really only one by about 1%.

  2. Way to go! So exciting to have the candidates paying attention to Indiana for once.

  3. Don’t forget that Chelsea also came to Purdue.

  4. Right–I forgot about that. I haven’t seen any of them in person. Still hoping Obama will come back before the primary and I’ll get to see him.

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