Church and China

Sometimes going to church is like flying to China–it’s really long and boring, you can’t use your cell phone, and you’re scrunched into a seat surrounded by people (that you may or may not like). And church is sometimes even worse than flying over the Arctic Circle, because nobody serves you any food and there aren’t any movies. OK, you can say it in unison: “She’s got a bad attitude!”


5 responses to “Church and China

  1. Hahaha. It’s ok. You have a good attitude in general, why not treat yourself to a bad attitude every once in a while?

  2. It’s fun sometimes to have a bad attitude. I’ll have to tell you about Sunday School. I wish you were my teacher.

  3. Sometimes going to church is remarkably like sitting in the warm car and falling asleep with 5 disposable diapers as a pillow, and maybe the beginnings of a migraine.

  4. Oh dear–that sounds worse than my experience. Are the diapers new or used?

  5. Definitely not used. I don’t think that would have helped the migraine at all.

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