I wanted to add, that part of my weird day included being invited by E-vite to a “cleaning party” at someone’s house where, I kid you not, I was invited to help clean her house. Now mind you, I really like this person, but I am paying good money to have somebody clean MY house once a week, so really, the last thing in the world I want to do is clean somebody else’s–no matter how much I may like them. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person–I can’t imagine that it does!


8 responses to “Addendum

  1. I still can’t believe it was billed as a “party.” Of all the nerve!

  2. You don’t really know how to party until you have played Job Jar.

  3. What a great idea–a Job Jar party! Mike, do you want to come play this weekend?

  4. I pretty sure it makes you a thoroughly normal person. Maybe I will throw a bill paying party where I invite my friends to pay my bills for me! It seems right along the same lines.

  5. Another great idea! By the way, Hannah, you need to meet my niece, Sarah! Next time she’s in town I think we need to have a little confab.

  6. Barbara, I think you might have just deleted some brilliance, although I almost hesitate to ask what brought it on. Are you sick?

  7. No, just bummed out. But then I felt better and thought I should just delete it–I don’t think it was particularly brilliant, but I did feel better singing it at the top of my lungs in the car!

  8. I thought it was brilliant, and now it’s lost to the ether for all eternity…

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