Contacts and opera–strange bedfellows

This photo shows the contact cases I found while searching for my lost contacts. None of them contained the actual items I was seeking. Isn’t this pitiful? I ended up having to order new ones, and now since I’m Typhoid Mary with conjuntivitis instead of typhoid I can’t wear them anyway.
On a brighter note, my great-nephew Noah (5) is visiting and we went to see an opera last night–Dido and Aeneas. Afterwards I was explaining to a Chinese friend what the word “spurned” meant and I said it was like rejected, only usually it was reserved for people of the oppositie sex–a boyfriend might spurn, but friends reject. Anyway, Noah was sitting on my lap taking everything in and looked up and me and said, “I won’t spurn you.” it was adorable.


2 responses to “Contacts and opera–strange bedfellows

  1. He’s so in love with you, there’s no way he’d ever spurn you.

  2. The feeling is mutual, believe me!

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