I Feel the Earth Move Under My ….. Well, Not My Feet.

I think it’s a little ironic that I grew up in Utah and never felt an earthquake there. Now I live in Indiana, which I never thought of as earthquake territory. I mean we have no mountains. But we’re close to the New Madrid fault, where earthquakes have been know to make the Mississippi River flow backwards for a time.
So there I was, dreaming* deeply at 5:35 this morning when the bed started shaking. The bed shakes a lot during the night, but it’s usually because Paul is kicking, getting out of bed, putting his socks on while sitting on the bed, or otherwise being Paul. So in my half-sleep state I thought that’s what it must be until I dawned on me that Paul is out of town, so it couldn’t be him. I sat up straight and felt the house shaking and heard glass tinkling–and I think I heard water sloshing, although I can’t figure out how I could have heard that. Anyway, I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to get in a door frame, or avoid door frames–go outside or not go outside–get under a table or avoid tables. So I just sat there where I was until it stopped. That’s the problem with emergencies for me. I know there’s something I’ve been told to do, but I normally can’t remember what it is.
This earthquake was centered in southeastern Illinois, and was a little over 5.0 in magnitude–enough to get my attention.

*About my dream. Interestingly, I was dreaming that I couldn’t find a bathroom. I was waiting in a line, and then found that all the toilets were broken, so I had to wander to find a different one. I’d like to think I would be dreaming about something important and significant, like world peace, but the truth is I’m just so lazy I don’t like to have to get out of bed in the middle of the night, so I have dreams about non-existent restrooms. What can I say?


5 responses to “I Feel the Earth Move Under My ….. Well, Not My Feet.

  1. So I know you weren’t soliciting advice on what to do, but it you are ever in an earthquake again, the best thing to do is to get as low to the ground as you can next to something bigger than you. So if you are in bed, just roll out of bed and stay next to the bed, lying on the floor. That way, if the ceiling falls, the bed breaks the fall and you are still alive in the pocket beside it.

  2. Good advice! I really just thought something like, “Well, if I die, I wouldn’t have to go to work today.” But I’ll remember that in earthquakes to come. Mainly, I just want your dad to admit publically, that earthquakes happen in the midwest–what about it, Mr. Paul?

  3. I give in. The New Madrid Seismic Zone has made itself known across the nation. I might have felt it myself if I hadn’t been a little stiff from Badminton. But that’s a different color of a horse.

  4. Yeah! I feel totally vindicated–badminton?????

  5. Yeah! I feel totally vindicated–badminton?????

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