Animals and nature gone wild

I remember the first time I heard somebody say, “I’m a little hoarse.” Because I used to love pretending I was a horse (eating raw oatmeal on the floor, going around on my hands and knees, neighing instead of talking) I perked up. Was there an adult who also liked to play horse? Some time later I heard somebody say they had a frog in their throat and I had the same hesitation–had I heard right? That literal stage of language is so interesting–things should be what they are called and only that. Another time, I can remember crying until I got spanked for thinking I was getting a pony ride, when really my mother had said she’d give me a ponytail. Childhood can be so sad!
But today I am both hoarse and have a frog in my throat. My voice sounds like I’m about 95. I don’t have any volume. I went to church this morning and they sang “Our Savior’s Love” and I couldn’t sing. I realized that part of my worship is definitely singing and I felt sad that I couldn’t join in–so I mouthed the words and pretended.
Do I have anything else in me today? There’s crick in my back, a charlie horse in my leg, a cat has my tongue and I feel squirrely. Altogether a day that animals have taken over my body.


2 responses to “Animals and nature gone wild

  1. You have a good sense of humor even when you are sick. Get well soon!

  2. Thanks, Greg. I feel better already (and Dad went to buy me some decongestant–I’m at that point when I bend over that my head feels like it will explode).

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