Foolish Choice of Blog Title

It’s all clear to me now.  I knew I wouldn’t be 55 forever, and now I have to change the name of my blog.  It’s a little early, because I won’t ACTUALLY be 56 until Thursday, but I thought I could jump the gun a little bit.
When I was about 24, I remember reading a novel about a woman in her late 30’s who found true love.  I remember thinking, “Well, that’s a little gross, to think about somebody that old having those kinds of feelings!”  And here I am almost 56, realizing that I’m just the same personality I was at 26, and feel just the same as I did then.  I’ll probably feel the same way at 86 (except I hope I’ll be a little more patient and kind).  So happy birthday to me a few days early.


4 responses to “Foolish Choice of Blog Title

  1. Happy Birthday for Thursday! I will e-mail you to see when you are available to be talen out to lunch.
    It’s funny that Todd and I were having a very similar conversation last night. We remembered when we were in our very early twenties and we knew someone our age who was dating a girl in her thirties. I believe the expression of our thoughts was something along the lines of “EWWW!”
    Now I’m 30 and I’m the person people are saying “EW!” about!

  2. I’m always happy when someone younger recognizes me as a kindred spirit (thanks, Hannah, I think you’re one of them!) And then I worry that I’m not finding the kindred spirits who are older than I am–I hope I’m not totally missing out because of my prejudices.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Bar-bar-a!
    Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Thank you, Sarah! I’m definitely having a great day. I just taught a class on poetry to a group of retired people–they are great. What could be better than to talk about poetry with people who have lived interesting lives?

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