A Sacred Experience

Last night at 10:04 my dad left this earth.  It was truly a sacred experience to stand around his bed with my brothers and sister and four of my nephews.  We took turns sitting with him throughout the day.  At times he would seem to rouse a little bit, and once even said “It must be time to get up,” but would just go right back to sleep.  he has said in the last five months, since his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, that he hoped he would die in his sleep.  I’m so glad he got his wish.  I’m so glad he was able to die at home with a lot of dignity.  I’m so impressed with the hospice workers who helped us this past week. 
As his breathing got more and more labored, all I could think was, “Please, God, take this good man home” over and over again.  He left very peacefully. 
Family members were speculating about the reunion between Dad and Mom.  I hope that heaven doesn’t make people sappy.  I hope my mom said something like, “Hell’s bells, Ed, what took you so long.”  I will miss my dad for the rest of my life.


2 responses to “A Sacred Experience

  1. marilynmadness

    Your father was a wonderful man and I will miss his smiling eyes and charming smile. I imagine him with a book in his lap and peering over his glasses. I remember his quoting his audiologist that he had the perfect hearing, not bad enough for a hearing aid, but deaf enough he wouldn’t be able to hear his wife. I’m sure that he loves talking to Eleanor now and they are enjoying being together. Thank you for sharing your sacred moment

  2. I’ll miss him too.

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