March 9, 2008

Today dad has not woken up, and it’s almost 3 in the afternoon.  It is probably because his medication is just making him sleepy.  Lots of family are here–and one of the favorite family pastimes has already taken place, that is, watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and supplying all the lines.  Isaac could totally supply all of Pee Wee’s words!
Last night was so wonderful!  We sat around his bed and reminisced.  He talked about how their family had one of the only phones, and people were always trying to get them to deliver messages.  One stormy night he and Eugene were picked to deliver a message on horseback, and Eugene said if he had to go that he would break his arm.  Sure enough, the horse slipped, and Eugene broke his arm–they had to walk home because the horse ride was too painful.  He also sang lots of songs, including the one about the mule named Jake who was a “kicker.”  What a wonderful experience it was.  There’s not really anything to do right now except wait.  It’s great having Alex, David, and Isaac here.  Liz and Sarah will be here soon, and Richard and Reuben are on their way.  It’s great to be part of a good family.


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