Where did the weekend go?

Tomorrow it’s back to work, and I hate to whine, but where did the weekend go?  What I did this weekend:

1. I washed, dried, folded, and put away 3 loads of laundry.
2. I cooked two meals.
3. I washed the dishes twice.
4. I read two articles in a Portuguese version of Reader’s Digest.
5. I took about 20 turns in on-line Scrabble.
6. I watched 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives (finished season 1).
7. I rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes (Yay!)
8. I paid bills.
9. I went grocery shopping.
10. I changed the oil in my car.
11. I vacuumed the truck.
12. I took a woman I visit teach to “Monster Golf” with her son.*
13. I took two baths (this is a very big plus because I had could only take showers for a week after the angiogram).
14. I thought a lot about whether I should apply for another job—is it more status?  Is it more money?  Those are the only things that might get me to change jobs, and I have a feeling it would be neither.
15. I read People magazine all the way through—check out the article on the Mormon woman in Utah with 6 kids with autism.  This item was part of #13.
16. I went shopping with Liz at Sam’s for a potato bar for 125 people.
17. I went out to dinner once.
18. I did not eat any snickerdoodles that Paul made even though I wanted to.
19. I ate something called a graple that is an apple that has been injected with grape juice to make it taste like a grape.  It was good, but I won’t buy any again.
20. I went to church, but only sacrament meeting because I had a vertigo attack in the middle of it.

I think I need to plan more fun and more exercise for next weekend.


5 responses to “Where did the weekend go?

  1. Wow. I also cooked two meals, did dishes, went grocery shopping, paid bills, exercised, and went out to lunch. I wonder if we were doing any of those things at the same time. I did not eat any Graples, but I am considering eating a grapefruit later on tonight. Reading Steve Pavlina’s blog about his raw food diet is making me want to eat more fruits and veggies!

  2. Me too–I’m trying to go back to my vegan days. I know I felt a whole lot better! I hope Greg was doing some of the housework, too!

  3. It sounds like you got a whole lot accomplished. Where did you eat out? We tried Maize for the first time last weekend. The food was good, but a little pricey.

  4. We went to Akropolis and I got the boiled vegetable plate–might not sound good to most people, but it is one of my favorites–potatoes, lima beans, brocolli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and over it all some olive oil and fresh lemon juice—yummm!

  5. even the mundane comes to life under your pen, I did many of the things you did on your weekend, but I watched Monk instead of Desperate Housewives, you are responsible for making me a “Monk” addict, I now have all 5 seasons, have watched them all 2-3 times and can’t wait for 6 to come out!

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