Tag, you’re it

Several weeks ago Sarah “tagged” me and asked me to write 8 little-known facts about me.  So here goes:

1.  I was hit by a car while I was playing Monopoly in my own front yard (I was 8),
2.  My Scrabble  rating  is 1070, and my highest word was “villages” for 158 points.
3.  I broke my leg by falling down the stairs in high school and had to go to a dance in a cast.
4.  I like meat, but I’m a vegetarian.
5.   I have lots of dreams about anxiety (missing planes, getting swept away by rivers, getting caught in a volcano, being left on top of a mountain, etc.)
6.  I secretly read People magazine–and not just in the doctor’s office the way most people claim–I subscribe!
7.  I really dislike people who won’t say what they want and yet expect to get it anyway.  Passive aggressive people positively make me crazy!
8.  I play the string bass (but I never practice, unfortunately).

So now you know it all!


4 responses to “Tag, you’re it

  1. I also like meat, yet I am a vegetarian (meat free since ’93!).

    But seriously, if you ever want to be painfully reminded of your tenuous grasp on the English language, I suggest challenging this woman to a hearty game of Scrabble. It will put you in your place.

  2. I don’t think it’s a secret that you read People. It’s just a secret that everyone else reads it when they go to your house and hide in the bathroom. Not that I’ve ever done that.

  3. Chirs, I didn’t realize you had been a veggie dude for so long! I guess I started right after we got back from Brazil. I think it would have been ’89. I went to a dinner where they served almost raw rack of lamb and it was coming closer and closer with all of that blood and I just suddenly thought to myself, “I never want to eat an animal ever again.” And so far I haven’t–except for the occasional fish when in China and it would be ultra rude to refuse.

  4. Sarah–so that’s where you were! Patty gave me a subscription this year–it’s a lot of responsibility to keep up on all the stars!

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