How to feel better about your parenting without actually doing anything

Come on, admit it.  You occasionally watch those trashy shows, but don’t want anyone to know—America’s Next Top Model or The Biggest Loser.  Well, last night I was totally exhausted after a continued attempt to catch up at work (not successful, I might add), I was home alone, and I found Supernanny on TV. 

Here’s the thing, I made tons of parenting mistakes with my kids and they sometimes acted like total wild animals—but they never flipped me the bird, broke things on a daily basis, bit me, tackled me, ordered food as if they were at a fast-food joint, or laughed at me behind my back (OK, probably that last one they did).

 I watched the blunders of these parents last night and just glowed with satisfaction at my own good parenting skills.  Of course it’s also easier now that my children haven’t lived at home for years.  They have become the ideal children in the past 8 years or so!

 The other thing about Supernanny is that by the end of the show—a mere one hour—Jojo has solved each family’s problems, no matter how insurmountable. And it is usually something as simple as giving positive attention to children instead of negative labeling.

Anyway, if you are struggling, thinking you’re not doing a good job at being a parent, check out an episode—and if you’re not a parent, I think watching it could be an effective method of birth control!


5 responses to “How to feel better about your parenting without actually doing anything

  1. Umm, didn’t Mike bit your butt one time? I was an angel, though.

  2. Sometimes I just think about how great your kids are, and I hope that with all my faults as a parent, my kids will still turn out like yours. I’ve never seen Supernanny though.

  3. Oh, you should definitely watch it–your kids will suddenly become angels! Thanks for the kind words! I started to say, “If only you’d known me 30 years ago.” Then I realized you DID know me, but you were two, so it was harder to share my innermost inadequacies with you!

  4. Well, Patty bit me several times, and maybe Mike gave me a little nip on the gluteous maximus–time heals all wounds!

  5. Oh, and yes, Liz, you were always an angel–wink, wink!

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