Is there anything worse than not being able to get to sleep?  Last night I just could not sleep.  Not at all.  I wasn’t anxious, I just couldn’t sleep.  I should have gotten up and done something productive.  But no, I just lay there thinking about how nice it would be to be sleeping.

Sometimes I count backwards from a thousand, sometimes I envision butterflies and try to count them, and sometimes I just lie there being miserable (which is what I did last night). 

Here’s to a good night’s sleep to the whole world.

p.s.  I’m really glad Obama won the primary!


One response to “Insomnia

  1. My girlfriend suffers from terrible insomnia. She uses earplugs, muffs, masks, and Ambien, and sometimes still can’t sleep. I have an odd affliction whereby if I fall asleep fast I have trouble waking up, but if I can’t get to sleep, once I do I have no trouble getting up.

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