I am happy to say that we had 12 trick or treaters last night–that’s pretty good when you live in the ghetto!  My favorite was a little girl in a Winne the Pooh costume.  She was about three years old, and it was obvious she wasn’t really interested in candy–she just wanted to come into the house and visit!  Her mother got her back out.

Paul and I both carved pumpkins, and then I roasted the seeds–one of my favorite parts of Halloween.

It was fun to think back to my childhood.  I remember being so excited to go trick or treating that I honestly could not eat dinner.  My mother was so irritated with me!  We would go in the neighborhood–first to the lady who gave full-sized candy bars–we loved her!  When we were finished, my favorite part was sorting everything into piles.  Then I would begin to eat things, starting with things I liked best (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and mini 3 Musketeers) to things that I liked quite a bit (Bit o’ Honey, Neccos) to things that nobody should ever give out for Halloween–dum-dum suckers, peanut butter taffy, etc.  Maybe I should have saved the things I liked best for last–but then I ran the risk of having someone swipe it from me (like I did with my kids’ candy–only to be helpful–sorry kids!)

What a great day–when kids can go door to door begging for candy and it’s ok.  It’s sort of the epitome of Bakhtin’s concept of “carnival.”  I love it.


6 responses to “Halloween

  1. Please describe to me exactly how where you live can be described as “the ghetto.”

  2. I thought about coming to see you, but remembered that you said that you didn’t usually get any trick-or-treaters so I didn’t know if you would be prepared 🙂
    Sorting the candy afterwards is the best.

  3. Well, it is just within walking distance from 11 social service areas and in a high crime area–but ghetto is probably an exaggeration. It’s certainly not the burbs, so I felt happy to have attracted 12 kids–not many live in our neighborhood!

  4. Peanut butter taffy? Does that exist anymore? It sounds, uh, yucky. We got a few more than 12 kids. It turns out we moved into THE trick-or-treating area. Derek took the boys and hey had tons of fun. I’m going to post pictures of them in their puppy costumes. But curiously, in Dayton, they did trick-or-treating on Tuesday the 30th. They called it Beggar’s Night. I still don’t know why.

  5. I don’t know if they still make peanut butter taffy–and it was indeed yuckkky! Hannah, I always have candy in many hidden places that only I know of! Sarah, your assignment is to find out about the whole Beggar’s Night thing. Is it an anti-satanic thing? Interesting.

  6. And I’m tagging you. Write 8 little known facts about yourself, and tag someone. Like Mike. I’ve tried to tag him, but he never does it.

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