Udderly Delightful!

Today I milked a cow!  It’s not technically the first time.  I tried once when I was about 16, but it just didn’t work.  I somehow thought that all you had to do was pull!  But today I tried again at Prophetstown State Park and it worked–what a miracle!  There were lots of barn cats of various ages running around. There was a whole gaggle of little girls who were oohing and aahing over the cats, so I didn’t get a chance to pet the kittens.  There was a cat named Michael, who went right up next to the milking pail and waited until the “milk maid” squirted some right into his mouth.

Liz didn’t want to try to milk at first, but I made her!  She thought (quite rightly, I think) that the teats looked a bit dirty!  They had washed them off, so I really think it was just their natural color.  Makes you think about whether you should really have that next ice cream cone!

Liz and I went for a 3 mile walk first, and it was so pretty outside, and warm enough that I took off my sweater.  We only saw one person on the whole walk–a man in a Cubs cap who was taking nature photos.  I stepped right over a little garter snake who had been sunning himself in the path.  It was such a beautiful day!


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