Greg was born 27 years ago today.  He came with authority–he weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces.  Greg was loved immediately by his family–Liz and Mike literally doted on him.  He had the best smile I have ever seen on a baby–he would just grin–and most of the time he was a very happy little thing.  He has brought me so much joy, and I’m so proud of him.

Greg has such an innate sense of right and wrong, and is such a moral person.  Once someone (who had talked with lots of teenagers) told me that Greg had the most highly developed conscience of any child he’d ever talked to.  Another time when Greg was about 19, I remember there was a magazine on our table that had an article entitled “Living a Good and Honest Life” and Greg told me with tears in his eyes that was all he had ever really wanted to do.

Greg, you  fill me with happiness–you are a great person, and I hope I had a small part in that!  Plus, you married a really great woman, so you’ve also got really good taste!

Parabéns p’ra você,
Nesta data querida.
Muitas felicidades,
Muitos anos de vida.


2 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GREG!!!

  1. Thanks for the very kind words, Mom. And I love the voice mail message with you and dad singing the Brazilian happy birthday song!

  2. I meant every single word! We’re having a feijoiada on the 17th–wish you were going to be here!

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