Pleasure and Pain

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my own mortality–which is not necessarily a depressing thing to do.  In a way, recognizing that life is fragile and fleeting can increase the enjoyment of very simple things.  I thought I’d list 10 things that made me happy today (and not list any of the frustrating things that made me crazy!)

1.  The sunset tonight–it was so deep and orange it made me ache with pleasure.
2.  The smell of laundry as it’s drying (I can get a high just walking past the Union by the laundry).
3.  Greg (it’s his birthday tomorrow and he’s so smart, funny and talented!)
4. Rachel–she is so centered and good–and smart to boot–she’s such a good partner for Greg!
5. Liz–she makes me laugh and she works so hard!
6. Mike, who looks so much like Buddy Holly and can do karaoke like nobody’s business.
7.  Laffy Taffy.  The jokes are just so bad they’re great.  Here’s an example:  Why did the potato go to France?  Because he wanted to be a French fry.  Some kid must have made that up!
8. My new glasses.  I can see things I’d forgotten about, like little veins on leaves.
9. Steely Dan (thanks, Greg, for introducing the music to me–it’s so good!)
10. Thoughts of my dad, who  told me such good bedtime stories–I didn’t know other kids  didn’t get to hear Shakespearean plots!

I really would just as soon do without the painful stuff, but remembering all the good things makes the hard things bearable.


2 responses to “Pleasure and Pain

  1. You are too kind. I feel so honored to be included among the Dixon children!!!!

  2. I mean every word I say–Greg is lucky to have found you!

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