Life is pretty wonderful

I just got back from a retreat in Ohio and I feel energized and spiritually renewed. It was a great trip–Judy and Liz in the car, cinnamon bears, diet coke, a great time. On the way home we stopped at a rest stop and there were a couple of “little people” there with their baby. They were sitting on the grass with people who were not little people, but were obviously the grandparents. There we were, at least a hundred miles away from home, and it turned out that Judy knew the father of the baby (he had gone to high school in our town), and I had been the advisor of the baby’s mother. Neither parent was much over 3 feet tall, if that. I could tell that the baby was obviously a little person (since she was only 18 months old), but was also going to be a “little person” as she grew up. We stopped, chatted, I found out where they were living, what kind of jobs they had, what their baby’s name was, and was just amazed that we had happened to meet so randomly.

After we left, as I drove, I found myself thinking things like, “I wonder what the genetic chances are of little people having “normal” babies?” “I wonder if they struggled over whether to have a baby or not?” “I wonder how their life is more challenging than mine?” Do they have special things in their house to help them cope?” and on and on and on. And then it just hit me so strongly that life is a wonderful thing==and isn’t it better to be alive, with challenges than never to have existed? I’m sure some would disagree with me, but I just had this infusion of joy about how blessed I am to be alive, how wonderful the world can be (at least some of the time) and how much I want to love and care for other people who are part of my life. Pretty cheesey, but it’s just how I felt–I can’t help it.


2 responses to “Life is pretty wonderful

  1. I absolutely love it that you have “little people” in quotes. There’s a chocolate factory in Salt Lake that is run by “little people.” It is possibly the best chocolate in the world.

  2. I ❤ “little people”. I don’t know any “little people” personally, but I do have a small collection of Homies. What an awesome and touching story/ anecdote, Mom! Great blog!!

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