Going to Orlando

Every once in a while something really makes me think. Not too long ago I had to go to Orlando on business. I was going with two other people from where I work–and I was really ticked off because they had gotten there late, I was on time, and they got upgraded to first class. So as they sipped Evian, I was stuck between two fat men and in front of a child who alternated between kicking the back of my chair and squealing every time I started to doze. I was getting more and more irritated–I had no place to put my arms because men always assume both arm rests are theirs, and this kid behind me was constantly misbehaving. I wanted to turn around and give the parents my best dirty look. It was the look that said, “I can’t believe what bad parents you are. I, myself, am a parent of grown children who never did any of the naughty things your children are doing.”

I thought thoughts like this for a couple of hours as I waited to get to Orlando. Although I was traveling on business, everybody else seemed to be waiting to have fun. That only put me in a worse mood. Finally we arrived, and I couldn’t wait to give my patented evil eye. I stood up, turned around and saw that the parents and child were wearing matching t-shirts–that said “Make A Wish Foundation.” I felt about two inches high. Funny how a shirt can change everything. If only people had shirts that told you how to treat them–“I’m sad today,” “I have a friend dying of cancer,” “I just lost my job.” It might help.


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