Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees….

I’m taking a class in Chinese. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday. My teacher’s name is Guo Laoshi (or Teacher Guo). She’s from Shanghai, and has a PhD in English Teaching. I am just about the worst person in the class. I would be the very worst if there weren’t a woman who is not all there mentally and who works at Goodwill. I am only slightly better than she is. I think it’s a good experience to realize you’re bad at something. For me, especially, because I tend to suffer from an overabundance of self-confidence. I’m not good at Chinese, but I really WANT to be good at it. So I keep trying. Last night I went to a Thai restuarant and realized the waitress was Chinese, so I said “xiexie” and asked for “bing shui.” I was pretty excited when she could understand me–so it’s a start.

I wish I could speak lots of languages really well.  Tomorrow I’m going to have dinner with a friend of mine and her mother (Francoise and Suzanne).  Suzanne, the mother, only speaks French.  I  studied French in high school and college, and I used to be pretty good at it–until I lived in Brazil for almost a year.  Now I try to say something in French and it comes out in Portuguese.  But I will try using my fractured French and she will be tolerant and somehow we will have a good time and hug each other a lot when it’s time to go.

Here are some languages I have tried to learn:  Japanese, French, Urdu, Portuguese, and Chinese.  And I’ve studied a little bit of English!  So many things to know in this life.


2 responses to “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees….

  1. Urdu, huh?

    I think you suffer from Hartitosis. Derek told me I tend to think I can do anything, at least as well, if not better than anyone else. He said the same about my bruzzers. But really, what is there that we cannot do?

    I’ve studied Spanish, German, Italian, Tagalog, Ilokano, Dutch, French, Russian, and Greek.

  2. Try Italian. That was fun for me.

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