Got any Heimlichs you want removed?

Last night I was watching the news, trying to get sleepy, when a story came on about a local teacher getting an award for being a hero. It seems she kept one of her students from choking to death. Said student had a habit of putting things in her mouth, and on this particular day, she had put a ring in her mouth to suck on it. The camera showed the teacher getting her award and then moved to the girl herself–about 9 years old–for an interview:

“Well, I know I shouldn’t put things in my mouth, but I did anyway, and then I started choking on my ring.  Mrs. Jones saw that I couldn’t breathe and came to help me.  Then she gave me the Heimlich Remover.”

It was a pretty serious moment in the interview, but I still had to laugh.  Sort of like today when I heard President Bush say, “Our childrens can learn.”  Can our childrens?


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