The real me

me-web.pngHere is the real me. As you can see, Scrabble and Diet Pepsi are integral parts of my life!


7 responses to “The real me

  1. Yay! You have a blog! I think the underlining is because your photo is linked to the larger sized photo, and the link is bubbled around the text. You can edit your photos before uploading them to wordpress so they are smaller, like 400×300, and then when you click “send to editor” you click the “full size” button first. Then make sure the cursor is separate before you type. Or you can type the text first, place the cursor, then send the photo. If I’m not centering photos, I always hit return before sending the photo, so it is in it’s own line, then make sure to hit return again before typing.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I think that fixed it–I’ll go back and change the others, too.

  3. How do I get a little picture of me like you have?

  4. The avatar? The little one of the Fat Man? You go into your profile on the top right of the dashboard page and upload a photo from your desktop. You could use the one above, and just crop it on the avatar page, so it shows just your face.

  5. Oh, yeah. You can change the header photo as well, by the same process, but in the “presentation” section. My avatar is just a cropped section of my header.

  6. Hi Mom, I like your blog a lot! When did you switch to Pepsi? I have always enjoyed Coke much more. Of course with the real sweeteners. In fact, Mexican Coke is the best because it has sugar instead of corn syrup 🙂 ttyl- Greg

  7. Ah, Greg, you remember I like Diet Coke! I still do prefer it to Pepsi–but Peg F. did the photo shop, so I have to say I like diet Pepsi too–you definitely get points for paying attention!

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